Training: Week of July 27-30






Monday – Thursday
10:00 – 11:30 am

American Sports Center “ASC” Court F1

  • July 6 – 9
  • July 13 – 16
  • July 20 – 23
  • July 27 – 30
  • August 3 – 6
  • August 10 – 13

Here at Synergy we are committed to helping our players enjoy the skill development process and embrace failures as growth. You can expect coaches with an upbeat and kind hearted demeanor. We know you are here for great content and coaches who work to speak each players unique language. We do not believe in stigmatizing exercise by using it as punishment and we are not yellers or screamers. We embrace young athletes that come prepared to learn and flex their work ethic. Summer training should be filled with lots of new and exciting information, fast paced and challenging drill designs and a tangible sense of joy and love for the sport of volleyball.

Synergy Summer

This summer Synergy will be offering two separate training sessions that are designed to build upon each other. These are specifically divided into a  “Skills Training Session” and  “Systems Training Session”.

Our “Skills Training Sessions” submerge the athlete into a repetition based learning environment that is tailored to one of the six physical skills in volleyball. Each player will choose a skill or two to focus their time on at the beginning of each session. Most commonly we see athletes stick to the skills that dominate their position, for example, players identifying as libero will choose skills like “passing” and “digging” as their primary objective. Athletes are free to specialize or pick new skills! We believe that the sign of a great volleyball player is to be complete in their grasp of all the skills and encourage our young athletes to take risks and experiment with other positions. Our skills sessions dive deep into mature practice habits and work to develop each player’s ability to learn in a closed environment.

Our “Systems Training Sessions” bridge the gap between acquiring new skills and applying them in a performance (6 vs.) environment. With an emphasis on teaching proper vision, communication, and judgment, this session is all about building up each player’s understanding of the overlapping systems used in the middle of any rally and in every match. We will breakdown the most commonly taught defenses, establish correct visual eye sequences and bolster our players ability to rapidly judge and calculate their environment. Please make sure players come ready to sweat, after spending the first portion of each practice establishing appropriate and sustainable warm up routines we guarantee a full hour of competitive volleyball each day. We ask for our athletes to prepare and be properly fed and hydrated as we design this session to feel like an intense workout.

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